Our Business & Scope of Work :

Farooq Chiller Maintenance Services , offers all kinds of electromechanical equipment maintenance or break down works as follows :

  • All Type of Chiller Compressors.
  • Specialist of Screw Compressors.
  • All Type of Water Pumps.
  • All Type of Motor Rewinding.
  • Chiller Electrical (Control) Panel Repair.
  • Chilled Water Piping Work.
  • Chilled Water Pipe Insulation Work.
  • Ducting Work GI,PI etc.
  • Aluminum Cladding Work.
  • All Type of Fabricating Works.
  • All Type of Welding Works ( M. Steel , S. Steel , Cost Iron, Copper Etc ...).
  • Repairing and Manufacturing of Mechanical Parts & Components.

Details of compressor : ( Mechanical Repair & Overhauling

We Are Doing All type of semi sealed Reciprocating compressors ( York, Trane, Carrier , Copeland, Macquey , Bitzer ) overhauling, crankshaft grinding, Metalizing, Polishing, Connecting rod setting, Valve plate & Case repairing.

  • Overhauling and Maintenance Services
  • Farooq Chiller & Mechanical Services provides overhauling and regular maintenance services for compressors along with providing their spares parts.
  • Farooq Turning s experienced team of service engineers helps the customer keep their compressors in peak performance conditions by servicing them regularly and overhauling them at least once a year.
York Compressor
We Are Doing All type of screw compressors ( York, Trane, Carrier, Mcquay , Bitzer ) Overhauling
Trane Screw
Carrier Screw
York Screw

Details of water pump ( Mechanical repair & Overhauling )

All type of water pump Repair & Overhauling.

Jockey Water Pump
Water Pump

Details of motor winding :

All type of motor Pump motor, Chiller condenser motor, Fcu motor Compressor stator Rewinding, Use Wire For Rewinding are Brand Essex or FD Wires Made In UK, F Class insulation paper, winding sleevs & Epoxy Modified Varnish.

Stator Pump

Details of Chiller Electric (Control) Panel :

All type of chiller Electric panel (Control Panel) Repair.

Farooq Chiller Maintenance Services is also registered with the following entities to carry out a variety of projects

  • Johnson Controls
  • Khansaheb Facilities Management
  • Khidmah
  • Imdaad Facilities Management
  • Al Saqer Properties
  • Trane
  • Al Shirawi Facilities Management
  • Etisalat Facility Management
  • Farnek TFM
  • Abu Dhabi Aviation
  • General Civil Aviation Authority
  • Fujairah Trade Center.
  • Al Merakhi Group.
  • Marina facilities
  • Al Meraikhi Trading
  • EFS Facility Management.
  • Etihad Hospitality.
  • SKM.
  • ENOVA.
  • Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club.
  • Abu Dhabi Country Club.
  • Baniyas Sports Club.
  • LuLu Group International.
  • Khalidiya Mall.
  • Emirates Property Investment ( EPICO )
  • Private Department ( H H Shk Khalid).
  • Trans Gulf Electro Mechanical ( Dubai ).


  • Break Down Repairs.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Yearly Maintenance Electromechanical.
  • Farooq Chiller & Mechanical Services Electro also provides emergency maintenance services in case of break downs.

Our Vehicle Service :

  • 12 Pickups and 4 Cars always engaged collection, Repair and Delivery at Your Door Step.

Our Man Power :

  • 80 Employees and Management Staff (Current visa status in the UAE).

Our Machinery and Tools ( Work Shop & Field Jobs) :

  • Lathe Machine, Welding machine, Manual forklift, 5 Ton lifting crane etc..

HVAC System

Farooq Chiller and Mechanical Services LLC is a trusted entity enterprise in the relevant industry, engaged in providing Chiller AMC Services. Our trained workforce is accomplished of rendering these services in order remove any inconvenience to our clients. The offered services are provided in line with industry norms by using innovative technology. Apart from this, these services are highly praised for their different quality attributes.

Re Tubing, Repairing And Servicing Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger (Evaporator) All Brands / Models.

Re Tubing Repairing and Tube plugging / Coaxial Heat exchanger Gasket replace &Nitrogen Pressure Test.

Chiller AHU And FAHU Refurbishment / Replacement Of Sandwich Panels, Doors, Unit Body Frame& Etc.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Emergency Chiller / AC Repair and Attending Services

Farooq Chiller Maintenance Services is also registered with the following entities to carry out the AMC Projects:

  • Khansaheb FM ( Musanada Project ( Various Schools & Government Building @ Abu Dhabi ).
  • AL Shirawi FM ( Al Rustamaniya Project & Al Yousufi Group ).
  • Imdaad ( Various Site @ Dubai ).
  • Al Meraikhi Group ( Various Site @ Abu Dhabi , Dubai & Al Ain ).
  • Capital Hospital @ Abu Dhabi .
  • Executive Suit Hotel @ Abu Dhabi .
  • Abu Namer Al Mazrouie Building @ Muroor Road Abu Dhabi
  • Etisalat ( State Audit Building ).
  • Campaign ( Government Building Under Musanada @ Abu Dhabi ).
  • KOBLER ( Jewel Tower 1 & Jewel Tower 2 Dubai Marina ).